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Use of Cue Points

Started by helex, April 06, 2020, 09:01:20 PM

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Hi Guys,

can anyone tell  me how to use the Cue Point in Cue Properties?

How do I set a Target?? What are the possibilities.



In Cue Audio / Video Properties, in the "Cue Points" tab, you will add up to 8 points, shortcuts in the audio, inserting the seconds in the "Time" column.
In "Cue Controls" you have 8 buttons for these shortcuts.
I think the "Action" and "Target" functions are still ineffective.

See you,



You can also use the shortcuts "Prev Cue Point" and "Next Cue Point" to jump to them.

As Vladimir says, the "action" and "Target" are for future use.


I've been working on the Cue Points feature again this weekend and have the basic code for them to advance or start another cue working.

So far the code has only been added to image and video cues as they were the easiest to get going first. I'll move on to the other types next.

This means you'll be able to (for example) have a long playing cue triggering other cues at various points along its duration.

The next beta release will have some of it working so you can try it out and comment on it.


Something else I'm changing in Cue Points is what happens when you click the insert button in Cue Properties > Cue Points.

If the audio cue is previewing in Cue Properties, the new cue point will be added with the time set to the current preview position.

This should make it easier to add new points with times at least close to where you want them in real time.