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Started by David, July 11, 2019, 09:42:25 AM

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Yes, you read that right!  Version 3 of MultiPlay is in development.

When can I download it you ask?  Best estimate at this stage is sometime in August 2019.

Join the forum to see the other areas and have some input into features, etc.


I'll update this list as I work on MultiPlay 3:

[new] F11 toggle full screen mode (menus and toolbar hidden)
[new] Extra shortcuts - for adding cues, moving cues, etc.
[new] Network cue - send telnet, plain text and OSC commands
[new] Scheduler for starting cues at a specific time of day / day(s) of week
[new] Ignore all stop and ignore all fade options for cues
[new] Emergency stop button to stop all cues, even those with ignore option set
[new] Statistics window with RAM and CPU usage / load
[new] Countdown timer window to a specified time of day
[new] Edit audio option in cue list popup menu for audio cues
[new] Show tags info option in cue list popup menu for audio cues
[new] Preferences (was general configuration) can be exported / imported

[changed] Triggers in production properties now called Shortcuts and moved to Preferences
[changed] Telnet cue removed (now part of network cue)
[changed] Production file now has .mpp extension (old .xml files will load and convert most items)
[changed] All buttons from cue list toolbar moved to main window toolbar
[changed] Cue list columns popup menu now "sticky" (stays open during column selection)

[fixed] Audio cues were added out of order when using multi-select
[fixed] Audio quality issues that plagued MultiPlay 2.x on Windows 7 and later
[fixed] Drag and drop files onto the cue list wasn't working


Yeah yeah ... there's no version 3 available yet!   ;D

The code rewrite has been an enormous task so I'm still working on the initial release.

Hopefully I'll have something release worthy soon.  Thanks for your patience.


A quick update:

More bugs have been found and fixed.  Others are in the process of being fixed.

I still need to fix a few critical issues before the first public V3 release.


Just a quick update.  A lot of improvement and fixes have been going on.  I've also just purchased the video library code and will start on that soon.


I've been a bit tied up with work and Christmas lights over the past few weeks, but will be back on to MultiPlay very soon!


Lots of improvements and bug fixes have gone into the beta releases.  :)

Many thanks to the beta testers for testing MultiPlay, reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.


Thanks to the reports of the beta testers I have been able to track down and fix a heap of bugs over the last couple of weeks.


Just letting people know that can access the beta version of MultiPlay 3 by checking the last post of the Beta Testers > Beta Release Info thread.