So glad to find development has restarted

Started by laphers, November 17, 2020, 03:19:22 PM

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Long time Multiplay user here.  As I was doing some research on Companion and OSC I found a reference to Multiplay and followed the link to your current site.  I was very pleased to see that version 3 is in development.  Is there an update for public release?  I would be willing to act a beta tester but I'm not sure how much I would add to the program as my schedule is filled at the moment as I am backfilling another position due to COVID layoffs.

Thank you for continuing this great program.  I look forward to seeing the new version


I haven't had much time lately to work on MultiPlay, but the beta releases are quite usable.

I've added you to the beta testers group so you can access those areas and have a play.


Hi David!
Can I try the beta version too?

Thank you for your work and such useful utilities!!


Hi David  :)
Can I also ask you to join beta users of MP?


Done and done.

You'll find links for the downloads in last post of the Beta Testers > Beta Release Info thread.


Hi, would be glad to Beta test aswell:D. Did not find a link so far;(


Hi all. Just joined you today (Donation made) - Really pleased that this software will go on and develop. I belong to a small amateur theatre group in Lancashire, England and we've been using previous versions for a while and find it really useful software. Keep up the good work.


Almost everyone who joins this forum wants to check out the new beta, so I've deleted the beta testers group and made it so any registered member can access those areas. Let me know if there is an issue.


This is great ... went to Beta Tester's Forum. Said download latest version, but no active link?

Great program. Would love to do a test run on v.3


Always use the links in the last post of that thread.  :)


Floundered around a bit, but got it, thanks!!


Hi! I would love to also become a beta tester. I have used multiplay 2 for a year or so now and I am excited to see what will come in version 3. Thanks in advance!



Great to see you are working on the release :) Maybe add a post to the News/Releases section to let people know work is ongoing? I was watching that part of the forum for the last year, and there were no updates. I thought you had stopped working on it! The last update was nearly a year. Cheers! :)