Network Cues (OSC UDP Telnet)

Started by David, February 02, 2021, 07:27:27 AM

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To use network cues, first go into Production Properties > Network > Patches and create at least one network patch.

Set the destination IP and port, set the encoding to OSC, Plain UDP or Telnet and enable it. The name you give the patch will show up in the network cue.

Then insert a network cue and select the network patch you created in the previous step. Each cue can use any of the network patches.

Then you can add one or more commands using the Insert ASCII or Insert Hex buttons.

For OSC commands, use ASCII and leave the CR and LF check boxes clear.


I don't see a place to put in "OSC".


That's the old MultiPlay 2.x software which is no longer supported.

Please download the version 3 beta for all the new features. :)