Values ​​in the "loop" column

Started by RihterS, May 21, 2021, 09:45:19 PM

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First of all, thanks for such a useful program!
I'm a newbie and I have a question: there is a "loop" column in the cue list. I have the same audio file used in three different cues. In all three cases, I see different values ​​in the "loop" column, namely: empty, 1 / *, 0 / *.
What do these designations mean?


The number before the slash is the current loop number.

The number after the slash is how many there are to do. A * in that column means loop forever (0 in the cue properties).

If a cue is set to only play one loop (the default), the loop info will be blank.


Thank you.
I had doubts about the number before the slash, mostly...