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Disabled cues

Started by bram.vanseveren, May 19, 2022, 12:46:25 AM

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When using Multiplay (v3-176 with video libs) disabled cues are not skipped over. When pressing space on the cue before the disabled one, it first jumps over the disabled one and a fraction of a second later it jumps back onto the disabled one.



Thanks for the report. I'll check it out.


Hi David,


I have just been making a playlist and wanted to put some alternative cues into it. Having done this I de-selected the alternative  cues i did not want to play in the EN column and started playing the cue list. When it got to the de-delected cue it did not jump over it to the next selected cue in the play list but wanted to play the de-selected cue. Of course no audio was played because the cue was "de-selected".

If I watch the cue list closely, it tries to select the next "selected" cue but then jumps back to the "de-selected" one.

I have never had this happen with MP before.