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Started by David, August 18, 2022, 10:41:43 AM

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Right now, the MultiPlay releases are listed as beta. Continual fixes and improvements are being made, but some releases may break functionality.

The latest release info and links are in the post below. This is where the download links will be now.


Version is available for download here. (no video files)

NOTE: There has been a lot of underlying code changes in the last few releases to tidy up and allow for future features. Please test thoroughly before using in a live production.

[new] Added the Stop At End option to Pan and Speed changes in Control cue
[new] Fade In Time, Fade Out Time and End Fade in Preferences > Cue Defaults > Video
[changed] Updated to version 24.03 of MediaInfo DLL
[changed] Cue Insert buttons now assume main cue list is focused when Adlib list not showing
[changed] Disabled importing layouts from another production until code for it is fixed
[fixed] Removed Preferences > General > Keyboard Repeat Rate (redundant leftover from 2.x)
[fixed] Media Finder did not update Playlist cues correctly
[fixed] Video cue set to End Play still triggered target cue if Stop All performed
[fixed] Video cue didn't stop on fade out and stop

If you want to try the video cues, use this download instead. It has the video dlls included.

If you want to try the new remote message window feature, download it here. See the thread here: